Beds are filling up at a Bedford retirement home that was in danger a few months ago.

The Elks National Home has seen an increase of about 15 residents since opening to the public in January. Prior to that it was only available to Elks members.

79 people lived there at the beginning of the year. Now the number is close to 100.

When closing or selling the building was being discussed, leaders of the home believe Elks members around the world became more aware of the facility.

"We were surprised to find out that a large number of our new residents coming in are Elks," said Pam Mutter, executive director of the Elks National Home. "However, we are receiving residents that are not Elks and our census is increasing daily."

The Elks home is still trying to get its name out in the community. The golf course will be open to the public on a day later this summer, to help potential residents learn about recreation on the property.