There is a new flood warning plan for people who live along Claytor Lake or have property there.

Remember the flooding that happened this past January? It happened again in July. There was so much rain that a couple of dams in Wythe County were forced to release millions of tons of water, and nature took its course.

Folks who lived downstream saw brand new levels of flooding. All that rainwater, and not enough warning.

Boat docks broke loose. Tons of debris washed into the river and like so many people, lots of folks who lived along Claytor Lake and the New River, just didn't have enough time to get ready.

This time around, Friends of Claytor Lake have come up with a plan. The group is using information from the United States Geological Service (USGS). Four different sensors along the river give Friends of Claytor Lake information immediately.

Then the group sends out a text message letting people know that the water is about to rise.

"This is something that we've created ourselves with the Friends of Claytor Lake,” said Jeff Caldwell, who Is a member of Friends of Claytor Lake. “AEP's been terrific to work with us as far as including us in their notification system so we can in turn relay that information to the lake owners or anyone on the river."

The Friends of Claytor Lake say the system is working now. The group says it's still being improved and eventually it will offer the service to anyone for free.