Some of you have called the newsroom about water runoff from an old landfill that's flowing into Tinker Creek on 13th Street.

An environmental administrator from the city says that this water is not hazardous.

But there is an orange substance that's starting to appear in this area, both in the grass and on the pavement.

We were told by the city it may possibly be iron bacteria, which is not hazardous. We were also told that runoff from the old landfill is not uncommon.

There used to be an old ravine at the top of the landfill; it was filled in years ago. But there is still a small flow. And the city says that's what we are seeing.

In 2005 there was a test done to see if the water was hazardous.

“What we are proposing right now to the DEQ is a strategy to re-initiate some of the monitoring that we had done in 2005,” environmental administrator Christopher Blakeman said. “Share those data with them and convene as a group. And make some decisions as what may or may not need to occur out here.

Once again, they don't believe the water that's making its way over into the creek is hazardous. But they will possibly do some more testing just to make sure.