It's all about the brine.

Tuesday's conditions were ideal for laying the salty mixture down, and VDOT crews are optimistic it will make a difference.

Compared to other snow's we've had this winter, this one is expected to be a little warmer.

Of course, warm is a relative term.

Temperatures hovering closer to the 30's not only means a heavy, wet snow, but it also means the roads won't be as cold.  By laying down the brine, crews hope to make it easier to plow later on.

Aside from the brine, today was another chance to check up on the fleets and make sure all the plows were good to go.

VDOT leaders across the state say getting the main roads cleared first is the top priority, and then they'll get to the secondary roads.

The time frame for getting to those secondary roads depends on how much snow falls.

As for drivers, VDOT spokespeople say the most important thing they want people to do is plan ahead.

Right now, the First Alert Weather Team predicts the snow to start falling right around the afternoon rush hour.

VDOT wants drivers with travel plans to plan accordingly and for people to get home and stay home, both for safety and so their plows can operate.