In his time working for the ABC, you could assume Roanoke Regional Manager Patrick Campbell has seen it all.

Which is what makes this all the more surprising.

“I'm surprised that we did the numbers that we did in my region and statewide overall,” Campbell said.

July First marked one year that nearly all of the ABC stores were open on Sunday.

The nine stores in the Roanoke Region alone, brought in $1.2 million in sales on Sundays.

Campbell's worked for the ABC for 37 years and he knows that Sunday sales can be successful, but he had no expectations that sales would be this successful, this quickly in Roanoke.

“This created an opportunity for the customer to have another shopping day to shop at our stores and it's been a huge success,” Campbell said.

Statewide, the ABC opened up 208 more stores for just five hours on Sundays.

That move nearly doubled Sunday sales in Virginia.

Sales reps I talked with say there's even more room for growth.

They say not every customer knows these stores are open on Sunday.