Imagine taking pet care to the streets.

That's exactly what a $25,000 grant from the United States Humane Society will help Angels of Assisi in Roanoke do.

The money will help veterinarians at the shelter to go out into some of Roanoke's low-income neighborhoods and provide free pet care.

Angels of Assisi wasn't able to disclose the area that will benefit from these services, but did say it was a 10 block area in the 24016 zip code.

Executive Director Lisa O'Neill says there is a great need for these services in this neighborhood.

O'Neill added that a focus on animal care in these neighborhoods pays dividends.

"Our goal is to cut back on the animals entering the shelter, our goal is to increase and improve the lives of the animals living in that community and by default that's also going to improve the lives of the people living there as well," O'Neill said.

Angels of Assisi was one of 22 organizations nationwide that got this grant from the Humane Society.