The hero of the book "Factory Man" is John Bassett III, the chairman of Vaughan Bassett Furniture Company in Galax.

But author Beth Macy also tells the story of workers whose lives and labor provided the foundation for southern Virginia's once-thriving furniture industry.

"Factory Man" went on sale Tuesday.  It has already received strong reviews from major publications, and could soon be a contender for national awards.

A story that includes family drama and foreign intrigue, it follows John Bassett's fight to keep his company afloat and save manufacturing jobs in Virginia, while cheap Chinese imports were flooding the market.

And Macy says John Bassett's success against the odds is only part of the story.

"So it was really important to me, not only to give a voice to the CEOs and the Bassett family, and everyone else," Macy told WDBJ7, "but even more importantly to tell the story of this work force who lost their jobs. 19-thousand people in that region lost their jobs through no fault of their own. So that's to me pretty powerful stuff."

The Barnes and Noble at Valley View Mall expected to sell out of its first shipment on Tuesday, but the book store will receive more copies of "Factory Man" this week.