For more than five-decades the shop near Peters Creek Road has been the place to go when you're looking to put your best foot forward.

"That's one of the things everybody else sees when you first approach them is their hair - be it good or bad, they notice that," says Ernie Ramsey.

And, Ramsey knows the importance of good hair.
For more than 51-years, it's been his livelihood.

But, after all this time, Ramsey is hanging it up.
The other week, he closed R& R Barbershop- the place he apprenticed and eventually owned.

"You know I enjoyed doing it. Enjoyed talking to the people and that will be the thing I miss most is the folks that come through the shop," he explains.

Beside the people, he had a front row seat to history through hairstyles.

"We went through the John Kennedy type haircuts. I thought at one time I was going to have to get out of the business 'cause it really went down with the long hair and then we came back and that era went through and came back to shorter haircuts," he explains.

Ramsey turns 71 in June.
After spending more than half his life on his feet, he says he doesn't plan on slowing down now.
In retirement, he and his wife Carol will be traveling and visiting family.