Keeping trash off the streets: that's the goal of a campaign in Roanoke.

The city spent a few hundred dollars on three signs like this one to encourage people not to throw trash, especially cigarette butts out of their cars.

All the signs have puns on the word "butt," and are meant to get people's attention.

"To be able to get people to stop and think for just a second. Because I don't think people litter on purpose. I think they litter because they aren't thinking," said Nell Boyle, Roanoke's Sustainability Coordinator.

Roanoke County has a similar campaign going on called "The World is not Your Ashtray."

Some of the signs in Roanoke read: "No ands, if, or BUTTS", "No BUTTS about it!" and "BUTT What?"

The locations of the current signs are: Hershberger and Cove Road, Kirk and Jefferson downtown and Gainsboro and Wells Avenue