A Roanoke church is distributing a religious pamphlet that's leaving some people offended.

People in the Muslim community say they receive these pamphlets in the mail all the time. But they say the one they received recently isn't the gospel truth.

Hussain Al-Shiblawi says these little pamphlets are distributed like clockwork every Sunday. Often, he reads them and says they have inspirational messages, but he says the message titled "Unforgiven" isn't true.

“It basically indicated that the people are violent, the religion itself is violent, and the facts in here are not true,” Al-Shiblawi said.

Al-Shiblawi says the pamphlets distributed by the Bible Baptist Church in Garden City are an attack on the Muslim community.

Turn to the first page and it shows what appears to be an African-American man serving time in prison, where he later becomes a Muslim. He was forced to do so by threatening men.

“It shows him trying to kill his mother saying, 'If you weren't my grandma, I'd kill you where you stand, Allahu Akbar,'” Al-Shiblawi said.

According to the pamphlet's story outline, the man who went to jail wants to hit his grandmother for her Christian beliefs, because he's now Muslim. Al-Shiblawi says this paints Muslims as violent people and he doesn't want booklet distributed near his nieces and nephews school.

WDBJ7 reached out to Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Brown said he didn't want to go on camera, but says the church doesn't create the pamphlets; they just distribute them.

“Read it before you hand it out, read it. Even though you don't write it, you still hand it out,” Al-Shiblawi responded.

Pastor Brown say he's received messages from Al-Shiblawi about his concerns and would like to meet with him in regard to the literature.

Click here to see the pamphlet.