The honors continue for a Roanoke man who was a humble hero of World War II.

Bill Overstreet was a highly decorated fighter pilot, well-known for chasing a German plane through the base of the Eiffel Tower. He flew more than 100 missions over Europe during World War II.

He died in December at the age of 92.
Monday, he was honored by Roanoke City Council.

Bob Bersch attended the ceremony as a representative of the Overstreet Family.

"There's a story that after he shot down the German pilot, and the pilot and Bill later met," Bersch told members of city council, "the German pilot said something like 'why didn't you shoot me while I was parachuting to earth.?' And Bill's answer was, 'Well I wanted to disable your airplane, but I didn't want to kill anybody."

Overstreet earned many medals for his service in World War II, including the French Legion of Honor. The Virginia General Assembly passed a memorial resolution honoring Overstreet earlier this year.