The sound in Roanoke City's Elementary schools just got a little bit louder with a big announcement.

Beginning next year, thanks to a program called Save The Music, every city school will have the instruments it needs for schools.

The music channel VH1 runs the program and had given grant money to 12 of the city's 17 elementary schools prior to the announcement today.

After this next round of contributions, VH1's grants to Roanoke City Schools will total just over half a million dollars.

Representatives from VH1 say the earlier you get kids involved in music, the better off they'll be.

"You get the kids when they're young and malleable and interested in music and once they're committed in 5th grade you keep them and they do better in life," said Jaclyn Rudderow, who flew all the way down from New York City for the announcement.

Rudderow said she's ecstatic to have "completed the program" and given the tools to the school system to be able to give a music education program to the students.

In order to receive the grant money, the school system must hire certified music teachers in the elementary and middle schools.  Once they've done that, VH1 will donate $30,000 per school to buy instruments.