The Roanoke City Fire Department is doing its part to try and eliminate its carbon footprint.

The city bought two electric cars about four years ago, but it has had problems finding a department where it can be used because it only reaches 25 miles per hour.

Roanoke City Fire Department Deputy Chief Billy Altman said he reached out to city leaders to see if the downtown station could have it. They want to use it for building inspections in the downtown district.

"The fire trucks are what they are and the ambulances are what they are,” said Altman. “They've got to get there and sit there and idle and pump and they have to have a lot of different limitations that the electric vehicles can't meet so this is our way of helping with the green initiative with the city."

Altman expects the car to be a good fit for the station. They will be able to travel around downtown at the maximum speed as well as park it there.

The car cost the city about $23,000. Right now, it has a little more than a thousand miles on it.