The digital age has brought new challenges to teachers and faculty; cyber bullying is a real concern everywhere.

But how do you fix it?  One Roanoke school principal says you start at the beginning.

It sounds simple, but teachers say most students don't have a good, working definition of what bullying really is.

Tuesday, a group of performers came all the way from Philadelphia to perform a variety of skits to students to truly illustrate what bullying is.

Administrators say showing students what bullying is makes them more conscious of it and can help reduce the problem.

The performers also emphasized cyber bullying, something administrators have become much more wary of, especially because of how public it is.

"You can never take away the importance of looking someone in the eye and saying, you know what, you hurt my feelings, you made me angry, because it's when we do that human contact that we're able to move forward for solutions," says James Madison Middle School Principal Stephanie Hogan.

Administrators we spoke to say students were receptive to the message.