About one-hundred and fifty parents and students made their way to William Fleming High School for the Roanoke Youth Summit. It was a chance for students to have a little fun, along with discussing topics that youth face.

“We're celebrating youth; putting all of our resources together under one umbrella to let parents and youth know what service are available to them,” said city council member Anita Price.

Students also got the opportunity to voice their thought on things effecting them. Internet safety, relationships, bulling and substance abuse were some of the topics that were discussed.

“On the computer people get bullied, so you got to be smart about who you are talking to,” said student Samuel Thompson.

Educators say it very important to address these issues early.

“The outreach to adolescent and pre-teens and teens is huge because a lot of times our behaviors are beginning early on,” said speaker Vinnie Dabney.

Educators say identifying those behaviors earlier are key. They say waiting to address the issues later will become more of a problem.

“Sometimes they have family members that have issues or friends that have these issues. They [are] a lot of time frustrated because they don't know how to contend with them. They don't know how to deal with them.