The city of Roanoke is one step closer to getting a cell phone tower.

Roanoke City Council voted 4-2 to approve an amended application by Pegasus Tower Company LLC.

The company wants to build a cell phone tower and four story building at 1809 Franklin Road SW in Roanoke.

The application to begin construction received opposition by both citizens and city leaders because of its appearance and location.

Jason Cromer is the president of Old Southwest neighborhood group and spoke at Monday’s public hearing.

Cromer said he has yet to hear from people who support the tower. He also raised concerns over how it would look in the city.

Pegasus has since changed its plan and now wants to make the tower 165 feet and put it in a more industrial area. Pegasus originally wanted to build a 195 foot tower. The revised application also includes a red light which would be placed at the top of the tower.

The tower would provide better cell service in the area, according to an independent consultant hired to assess the need for one in the area.

Roanoke City Council will make a final vote at its next meeting on April 7th at 2 pm.