Roanoke County business will change its name

POSTED: 05:40 PM EDT Jun 25, 2013    UPDATED: 09:16 PM EDT Jun 25, 2013 

Now, a follow up to a story we told you about last week.

A Roanoke business being squeezed by a corporate giant says it will change its name.

Joseph Monzo just opened "Trader Joe's Antiques and Collectibles" on Williamson Road.

But, attorneys for "Trader Joe's" Grocery store threatened him with legal action if he didn't change the name.

He had until Friday to make a decision.

Monzo tells WDBJ7 even though he feels like there isn't an issue because the businesses are in different industries, he doesn't feel he could afford to take on the battle.

Instead, he'll rename his business: TJ's Antiques.