Roanoke County candidate answers questions about his past

Brian Lang admits he has made mistakes, but says negative campaigning is uncalled for

POSTED: 05:01 PM EDT Sep 30, 2013    UPDATED: 11:29 PM EDT Sep 30, 2013 

A Roanoke County candidate is answering what he calls "negative" campaigning, head on.

Brian Lang is running for the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, Hollins district.

Monday morning, he held a news conference to respond to an anonymous letter which has been distributed around the county.

The document lists Lang's criminal and civil record.

It includes an assault charge, some financial issues and driving offenses.

Lang says he takes responsibility for his actions, but some of the allegations are taken out of context.

"The listing of the assault charge is highly deceptive because it was a case in which a Roanoke County Police Officer recommended I go to the magistrate to file charges against the defendant (beep beep), who assaulted me."

Lang is running against Al Bedrosian and Gary Jarrell for the seat.

He challenged the other candidates to run a clean campaign.

Bedrosian tells WDBJ7, he's been focusing on his own campaign.

While Jarrett says he runs his campaign like he runs his life and business: clean.