A school safety threat near Atlanta yesterday is an important reminder that administrators are taking school security very seriously, especially after the Sandy Hook Shootings.

Locally, schools have spent the summer making upgrades to keep kids safer.

We spent some time in Roanoke County today where the school district made $2 million in safety upgrades.

Every school had three main systems put in place. 

The first is what they call the storefront.  Construction in each of the schools created an additional glass barrier once inside that's another physical layer people entering the school have to go through.

Also, there's a new key-access system attached to school employees identification.  This restricts access to certain places at certain times of the day.  School leaders say it's another way to control who's in and out of the building.

The final, and most hi-tech upgrade is called Lobby Guard.  It's a computerized system that forces people to undergo a mini-background check and enter other information before they're allowed to enter a school.

Lobby Guard forces visitors to take a picture of themselves and scan their drivers license to run a background check in a sex offender registry.

The visitors, regardless of who they are, have to wear the badge which has their name, picture and the reason for their visit.

The visitors also have to check out when the visit is over.

School leaders say all these measures just better ensure who's coming in and out of the building.