The training of some Roanoke County first responders paid off earlier this month when they saved two-people.

Tuesday, the board of supervisors recognized a police officer and two members of the Cave Spring Volunteer Rescue Squad.

The group responded to a call earlier this month at the Villages at Garst Creek Apartments.

When they arrived at the building, they found smoke and two men passed out.

"I, then, grabbed the first victim and began to drag him out. I, then, passed Officer Jacobs along the way. Once I got the victim to the front yard safely I returned back in," remember EMT in Training, Hunter Mood.

"I was able to put the fire out real quick and then myself and Officer Jacobs pulled the second victim out," explains Lieutenant Ethan Dressler.

"It feels good to know that we saved two lives that night. It feels good to know that everyone went home safe that night. It was good feeling," says Roanoke County Police Officer Cara Jacobs.

The group says this is what their training is all about and a great example of team work.