At this point, they're only thinking about it.  But the thought has many parents and bus drivers very worried.

Roanoke County Schools held a meeting at its school board office to answer questions for prospective bidders that would potentially take over all things student transport for the county.

Officials with Roanoke County reiterate that nothing's set in stone.  A few weeks ago, the county put out a Request For Proposal to see if it can save money by allowing a private company to take over student transport. 

The bids are due in November.  At that time, the county will look over the bids and make a decision in January. 

A Roanoke County Schools bus driver told us this  "Took a lot of people by surprise," and "there's real concern we'll lose our jobs and benefits," if the transportation is outsourced.

Operations manager Marty Misicko says, "We are aware of that and we're very conscious of the fact that we have dedication to our employees and want to make sure they feel confident in their current position and opportunities in the future."

It's still way too early to tell if outsourcing would impact jobs or benefits for drivers.

Roanoke City Schools outsourced its student transport in 2009.  Controversial at the time, a Roanoke City Schools spokesperson says the district saves $1.4 million every year because it outsources its transportation.

That Roanoke City official also said the majority of the drivers were re-hired by Mountain Valley Transportation after a screening process.