Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment, going on and earning a college degree is an even bigger achievement.

One student who didn't really follow that normal progression.  Tyler Langhorn will be just fine.

At graduation practice this morning, the Northside High School Class of 2014 is putting the finishing touches on their high school careers.

Talk to Tyler Langhorn, and he'll tell you he's just getting started.

"Just a super guy. Came in a pup and is leaving a man. Everyone knows Tyler, he's just an aggressive, social guy and he's going to be real successful in life," said Frank Dent, Principal at Northside High School.

"It added a level of maturity, a level of responsibility because there's something that I'm doing that's going to pay off in the long run," Langhorn said.

These days, most high schoolers can take college level classes through Virginia Western and get a few credits that may transfer to their college of choice.

What makes Tyler Langhorn different is that he took a lot of those classes.

"They said you can go to Governor's school, you can graduate early or you can get your associates degree. My first question was 'what's an associates degree?' They're like it's your two year college degree, nobody's really done it, but it's possible that you can take all your classes and [Virginia] Western will give you a degree.  I said, sure, let's do that," Langhorn said of his decision to do this in the 9th grade.

He took so many classes at Virginia Western that he graduated with an Associates Degree a few weeks ago.

That's right, Langhorn technically graduated from college before he graduates from High School.

He's the only student in Roanoke County doing that this year and one of around five who has ever done it in the county.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

"It is and it's not," Langhorn said, "Like you have a lot of time to get the work done if you give yourself the time. My mom's biggest thing with me was time management, and it really pays off."

"It takes  a special guy to come in, and come in as a freshman and stay focused to get an associates degree and graduate at the same time," Principal Dent said.

Tyler will attend Hampden-Sydney College in the fall for just two or three years and hopes to get into politics one day.

This future leader is off to a good start.