This year is the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the storming of the beaches at Normandy.

Sadly we found out today one of the soldiers from our area who bravely fought on June 6, 1944 has died.

Hubert Hobbs lived in Cloverdale in Roanoke County and passed away Monday morning. He was 91. He was a part of the 29th Infantry that played a key role in winning the Normandy Invasion.

We followed him over the past 20 years since the 50th anniversary.

On Wednesday his friend and World War II activist Bernard Marie told us Hobbs was humble about his heroics.

“Hubert was a simple man. He was not a guy who studied history or whatever. He was a simple man but he knew exactly the consequences of the success of their company in Europe,” Marie said.

Hobbs' funeral is Saturday at Oakey's North Chapel. He leaves behind a wife and family, including his great-grandson for whom he wrote a 75-page account of his fighting during the war before he died.