As we mark Autism Awareness Month, a Roanoke family is sharing their story with us.

Joshua and Joel Spencer are brothers, and each has a different form of autism.

Nine-year-old Joshua has Pervasive developmental disorder, or PDDNOS.

His nearly seven-year-old brother, Joel has Asperger Syndrome.

Their parents say thanks to an early diagnosis, both boys are now thriving.

The Spencers say it took a lot of research on their part to find the best services available in this area.

While Joel attends a private school, Joshua is in the regional autism program and attends public school at Westside Elementary.

That's helped with his socialization, along with the Spencers serving as foster parents.

They say it's crucial that parents connect with doctors, therapists, schools and their community to see what resources are available.

The Web has a lot of information. Here are a couple of helpful sites including Autism Speaks. and Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center