Parents who send their children to one private school in Roanoke are saving money!

The school's board made the decision last March to cut tuition in half.

Tuition was cut from $10,200 to $5,000 per year.

As a result, school leaders say they got 50% more applicants for the school year.

Community High School leaders say they wanted to make the type of private, arts-based education more widely available to middle class families who don't necessarily qualify for grant money.

Remember it's a small-private school that can have a maximum of 60 students.   

Last year, the high school had around 45 students, this year: 55, but 25 new students compared to 9 last year.

New students say the price drop wasn't the only reason they chose Community High School, but it helped make the decision a little easier.

"I think it was a factor but it wasn't. My parents wanted me to go where I was going to get a good education and be happy, but it was definitely a bonus," said Junior Sarah Bourlakas.

School leaders believe there were other factors that contributed to the jump in enrollment, but the tuition drop was the main reason.

I'm told the eventual goal is to offer free tuition to students, something school leaders say is one-day possible because of the commitment of its donors.