If you've listened to the radio in the past few weeks, you've heard ads about a seminar to build wealth by flipping houses.

They're happening in Roanoke the next few days.

But the Better Business Bureau wants people to know: proceed with caution.

You may recognize the name Than Merrill, he and his partners are chronicled on the A&E show "Flip This House."

His company, FortuneBuilders has an A-Rating with Better Business Bureaus across the country.

It's a sales pitch, no doubt about it. The BBB just doesn't want people going down a slippery slope.

"Do you want to learn how to make money flipping houses right here in Roanoke? If so, we have an amazing opportunity for you," Merrill says in a radio advertisement.

The Better Business Bureau is concerned that people will think it's too good to be true and invest money they don't have.

"This is a situation where this is a legitimate company, they provide legitimate educational materials and services," Julie Wheeler, President of the BBB said, "We just want folks to not spend a lot of money if they're not really a good candidate for this type of business."

Our cameras weren't allowed into the seminar.  But the speaker today let the packed house know right away that this is an investment with risk and the seminar is educational.

FortuneBuilders founder Than Merrill spoke with us via Skype from California and said letting people know the risks is incredibly important.

"It's a business, and a sector and a way to invest that has potential, but at the same time also has the potential to financially hurt someone who's not educated," Merrill said.

And that's why Merrill says these seminars don't promise anything, but are explicitly educational.  The crowd varied from real-estate and construction companies to first-time investors, all with different goals and expectations for today.

"I wanted to try it and learn some good things so I can join that and secure my future," Antwon Noell said before the seminar began.

Jon Kelly also came to learn about the system.  He says he's responsible with the money he has, and came today to learn about a possible investment option for his future,

"I'm not able to do it at the moment, but I'm still trying to learn as much as I can and when the possibility arises I can jump head first," Kelly said.

Than Merrill says he understands and appreciates the Better Business Bureau wanting consumers to be careful with their money.

He's used to it and agrees, this isn't for everybody,

"It's something that I've seen them do before, blanket warnings, and I think they're fine, you know. I'm always an advocate of letting consumers know to beware," Merrill said.

Attendees of the seminar were given the chance to sign up for the full three-day weekend retreat which costs around $200 where they can learn Than Merrill's entire system.