Roanoke's library's just received a boost in its efforts to improve literacy across the valley.

The Life Ring Foundation gave Roanoke 40-thousand dollars for a few programs.

One brings children's book authors into the area.  Another will give parents of newborns a baby book about Roanoke to read to their kid.

The whole point of these programs is to foster a love of reading in young children.

"To create readers, you have to create an atmosphere of learning. And once a child loves to learn, then the reading part's easy. It's creating that love of learning and so that's probably our number one goal," said Sheila Umberger, the director of Roanoke City's library system.

This grant was won as a part of Roanoke's Star City Reads initiative, which aims to have all third graders in the city at or above the reading level for the grade.

The Life Ring Foundation is a Roanoke-based organization that's goal is simply to help families.