The Roanoke Main Library will re-open at 10 a.m. Monday.

The library was closed Saturday for electrical repairs.


Original story from Friday

The Roanoke Main Branch Library will be closed Saturday so crews can repair an electrical issue.

The building had to be evacuated Wednesday after an electrical connection was damaged during construction work at nearby Elmwood Park. The library is on South Jefferson Street.

To fix the electrical connections, the library’s power will have to be turned off Saturday. The City of Roanoke says it hopes to reopen the library Monday, but it will not make an announcement Monday morning.


The Roanoke Main Library reopened at 2:30 p.m. after a power outage caused it to close down earlier Wednesday.


Smoke inside the Roanoke Main Library has caused the building to be evacuated.

Jefferson Avenue in front of the library is closed. There is no fire at the library, according to Roanoke Fire/EMS.

Crews have been working near the library as part of the Elmwood Park construction project.

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