A follow up about a missing dog statue.

Clinton Yandle had a concrete statue of a dog stolen from his home.

He put up signs pleading with the person who stole the statue to bring it back.

Yandle now has his dog back.

He told us someone dropped it off in the middle of the night Tuesday.

He's bolted it to his stoop, so no one can take it again.


One Roanoke man is making an unusual plea to get back an unusual item.  He's going public about the fact that he's upset.

Very public.

Clinton Yandle says the statue of a dog he kept on his front stoop was stolen in the middle of the day.  Believe it or not, it has a lot of sentimental value and he just wants it back.

"Just wanted my dog back. Didn't know what else to do," Yandle said.

"I've had it for 15 years," Clinton Yandle said about the concrete statue of a greyhound, "it's been through a lot of moves with me, and it's kind of been my dog and since I work so much, I can't really have time for a dog."

Yandle says around two weeks ago during the day while he wasn't home, someone in a champagne colored mustang pulled into the driveway, got out, walked to the porch, took the dog, placed it in the trunk and drove off.

His neighbor, Chris, saw the whole thing.

"Just very casual," he said of the people taking the statue.

Yandle lives right at the corner of 24th Street and Shenandoah Avenue, where around 9,200 cars pass every day according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

As a way to get his statue back, Yandle, "Decided to post up a sign and see if I could play on their pity on getting my dog back."

The first sign said, "To the woman driving the Ford Mustang! Get your man to help put my dog back on the porch where he belongs or face Grand Larceny Charges".

"Everybody looks at it when they come by," said Chris the neighbor.

"Oh yeah [it gets your attention]," a driver remarked out his window.

The sign worked, sort of.

Yandle says someone pulled up last week saying they took the statue and promised to return it.    

"She pulled into my driveway and said that she's the one that stole the dog and it was a mistake and she was going to return it, and she didn't," he said.

Yandle put a second sign out asking her to keep her promise.

This one read, "You promised me you would bring him back. Please do!!"