A Roanoke man is trying to stand his ground, before it slides out from under him!

Larry Jeffries says it all started on the Fourth of July.

That's when he noticed the land in his Eugene Drive backyard was shifting and sliding down the hill.

While it doesn't look like much, you can see on the other side of his backyard, through trees on the Salem Turnpike, just how bad the problem is...

"The concern is we need to have something done now, in order to keep this from moving again. Eventually it will get my neighbors and I'm not going to put 8-thousand dollars in a hole because like I told you- I pay mortgage, I pay taxes, what more do you want me to pay? " says homeowner Larry Jeffries.

Jeffries says if city officials had made the developer build a retaining wall all those years ago, he wouldn't have these problems today.

A city engineer tells WDBJ7 it doesn't get into private property matters, but that every subdivision goes through a a comprehensive site plan and review process where the development's engineer looks at storm water, erosion sediment control and soil stability issues.