To give up might sound like a defeat, but a new twist on an old phrase is paying off for one local community.

The Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op is encouraging its customers to "Give Up," and actually round up their purchases to the next dollar. The difference will go to a featured charity each month.

The effort began on October 1st, and already customers have contributed more than $1000 to Happy Healthy Cooks, a program that teaches healthful nutrition to elementary school students.

John Bryant is the Marketing Coordinator for the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op. "We decided to call it "Give Up" to break the ice at the register," Bryant said in an interview. "When people are asked and they're checking out in line. They haven't heard of the program yet, and the cashier says would you like to "give up" today? It does make you stop and look up and say I'm sorry what? And it's been a great reaction. "

Heather Quintana is the Director of Happy Healthy Cooks. "We are so thrilled," Quintana told us Wednesday morning. "Not only do we need the funding that this is providing, but it's so exciting to be a part of such a great community effort."

So far, about three quarters of the Co-op's customers have agreed to Give Up, and donate their spare change to a worthy cause.