Residents of one Roanoke neighborhood were forced to evacuate in boats, when rising water threatened their homes Wednesday night.

Thursday afternoon, they were pumping out their basements, assessing the damage and hoping that the worst was over.

Water was bubbling through the manhole covers on Meadowbrook Road, and rushing from the pumps that residents brought in to bail out their basements.

One home was still surrounded by water, but the water was much deeper Wednesday night.

Robert Hoven says he was awakened by firefighters. "They were asking us if we were going to stay or go. And I was asleep and I really didn't know what was going on," Hoven told us, "but when I came out and realized we were standing in a river, It was time to go."

Peters Creek came up quickly. The water was still rising as the residents prepared to leave. And some, including Terah Johnston and her children were taken out in boats.

"My children were obviously scared," Johnston said. "They had no clue what was going on, so my heart, you know, was breaking for them."

Thursday afternoon, neighbors were helping Johnston pump out her basement, and hoping that Peters Creek would return to its banks and stay there.