The Roanoke Police Department has released surveillance video of Thursday's shooting in a furniture store parking lot.

A Schewels employee was robbed and shot while leaving the store with a bank bag.

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Original story from Thursday, April 24, 2014

A furniture store employee was shot Thursday morning in Northwest Roanoke while leaving the store to deposit money.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Schewels, which is off Ferncliff Avenue. The victim suffered serious injuries but is stable, police said. An eyewitness tells WDBJ7 that the victim suffered two gunshot wounds. Some witnesses say as many as eight shots were fired.

Investigation shows that the shooter came toward the pick up truck from the passenger side, tried to open the passenger side door but found it locked, and then shot into the truck multiple times.

The victim then either fell or rolled out of the truck onto the pavement of
the parking lot, according to a news release.

The pick-up truck, which was still in reverse, then rolled all the way into the Home Depot parking lot before coming to a stop. It crashed into cars and a shopping cart corral before stopping.

The shooter, described as wearing jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt, left the Schewels parking lot on foot.

Officers set up a perimeter and performed a K9 track.

They also canvassed the area where the shooter was last seen running to find out if anyone had seen the shooter or which way he/she went.

Surveillance video from Schewels and surrounding businesses is being gathered for review to help in the investigation.