It's been more than 2-months and some families are still out of their homes because of the flood damage.

And, as we learned Monday, the city's options for helping people are dwindling.

According to the assistant city manager, an application to the USDA was not successful.

Monday afternoon, it was more of a formality, but the council had to give its ok so the city could move forward with an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

This application allows Roanoke to apply for a FEMA grant that could help the city acquire and demolish homes in flood prone spots.

But, as both residents and city leaders found- the requirements can be strict.

"Is this going to help you?" asks the reporter.

"No, apparently not," says Meadowbrook resident Joel Kirby. "Not the FEMA aid, but we're still seeking any kind of aid or prevention act, so we don't have to go through this again."

Explains Roanoke City Manager Chris Morrill, "We've been working with the homeowners, because with any federal program lots of documentation, put it all together, and the good thing now that council has approved it, we can submit it electronically."

September 16th is the deadline for the application, but the city was able to get an extension and will be able to submit it online.

The city manager tells WDBJ7, the city has been so intent on getting this information together it has held off on a community meeting for the victims of those July floods.

He says that meeting looks like that meeting will happen in the beginning of October, along with a creek clean up in that area.