The rezoning recommendation for a Roanoke transitional house has been approved by the city. The facility could change the lives of women who were once on the wrong side of the law.

"I just bowed my head and cried, because I was so happy. It felt like a big balloon had burst and all these beautiful colors came out,” said Dorothy Owsley.

Owsley is the executive director of the Transitional Options for Women in Roanoke and her excitement is continuing to grow. The city's planning commission approved a recommendation that will allow this facility to act as a halfway house.

“It's going to be a place of encouragement. It's going to be a place of love and it may be a tough love at times,” said Owsley.

Owsley has been working on the project for two years. She's glad to see the process is moving along. She says this will be an opportunity for women to get their lives back on track.

“What people don't realize, any of us could be those women,” said Owsley.

The recommendation still has to go before city council for a final approval. Owsley hopes that will be granted.