It was smooth sailing on Smith Mountain Lake for fifth graders from Wasena Elementary School. They got the opportunity to get hands on with the water sport.

We went on the sails. We were learning about pollution over by the lake over there and we ate marshmallows, said student Bhagawat Dulao.

Students roasted marshmallow around a camp fire to make the all-time favorite, s'mores. The Virginia Inland Sailing Association puts on the event.

“When they do come out on the water they typically are on a power boat. Sailboats are teaching them how to harness the wind and utilize nature and actually take control of things, said VISA commodore Bill Gillespie.

In years past the group has hosted about a hundred kids. The numbers are a little lower but it didn't stop the kids from having fun.

“We steered the boat and we take turns. We were playing pirates with my friends,” said Dulao.

“There's not a lot of wind today so it's nice and easy. They're actually pulling the sheets, which are basically the lines that hold the sails and driving the boat down the water with winds, so they are learning a lot,” said Gillespie.

The Clean Valley Council was also on hand to teach kids about water quality and what pollution does to water ways and marine life.