Unemployment is a reality for almost six percent of the people who live in Virginia.

Landing a job can be tough, one woman stood out in the crowd in hopes of getting hired today.

"It's been a year and within that time I'm unemployed for the third time and there's a job that I'm really interested in," said Keisha Graziadei-Shup.

Whether her job got cut, or it didn't work out, Public relations and Marketing specialist Keisha Graziadei-Shup and her husband Jon have had a rough go at it.

"Up and down, it's been a crazy roller coaster," Jon Shup said.

The computer is where Keisha spends much of her time, searching.

Looking on the web, she found a job in downtown Roanoke that interested her.

"They not only want a resume and the normal way of applying for a job, but they said 'creative wins extra points'" Keisha said.

That got the wheels turning, literally.

"There's not a whole lot more that can attract more attention than a posse of motorcycle riders, so I'm going for it," Keisha added.

Keisha made signs, posted ads on Craigslist, Facebook, wherever, asking motorcycle riders to join her in getting the employers attention.

"It was probably about 30 seconds after I was finished reading the craigslist ad, when I realized it was my wife that put this up," said Jon Shup.

Tuesday, it happened.

"Everyone's here, I'm like freaking out," Keisha said.

The bikers came.

"We thought it was kind of neat so we wanted to be a part of it," said biker Gary Bosserman.

The engines revved, and the road in front of the building where she needed to apply was closed because of paving.

If you think that would stop Keisha Graziadei-Shup, think again.

The ride happened, employees at the office noticed, and now the rest is out of her control.

"If nothing else, it was just a fun time on a random Tuesday afternoon in Roanoke," she said.

Taking the term funemployment to a whole new level.