Roanoke, Va. -

All this week we've been talking to people about their health insurance since the mandatory insurance portion of the Affordable Care Act has been in place now for five months.

Monday and Tuesday we heard from three different people who don't like their health insurance plan or who said they just can't afford it.

Tonight we hear another point of view- a 30 something we originally met six months ago. She's one of the few we've heard from who said her health insurance premiums have gone down.

"I was paying $617.00 a month in premiums," said Megan White..

 Now her premium is almost half that at $337.00 a month. She says her care is the same and she sees the same doctors.

"The only difference is that I have a little bit of a co-pay now.  I have a $10.00 co-pay to see my G.P. (general practitioner) and a $30.00 co-pay to see my specialist," White said.

Because White suffers from epilepsy she sees specialists a couple of times a year.

White is a freelance graphic artist who works three different jobs.  Even though she got her insurance through the web site, she did not qualify for any federal help paying for it.

She realizes many people think $300.00 a month is a lot for health insurance.

"It kind of makes me irritated when people say 'It's so expensive. It's so expensive.'
Look what was I was paying before. That's expensive. This to me, is not expensive," White said.

Now White says going from $617.00 to $337.00 a month for her premiums makes health insurance something she can afford.

"I have $300.00 dollars in my pocket every month that can go toward my bills or buying groceries or whatever it is that I need," said White. "I don't know how I could keep going like I was going before.  It's been a God send for me."