With the number of automobile recalls that have happened recently, some driving schools are changing the way they teach students.

Drive This Way in Roanoke says emergency situations have always been in the driver training curriculum. But now, they're actually putting these scenarios to the test behind the wheel.

Mickey Owens has been a driving instructor for years, but recently had to kick things up a notch.

“One of the biggest reasons we started doing this is because, here lately, there’s been a lot of automobile recalls,” Owens said.

One of those is the General Motors recall of 20 different models after defective ignition switches were linked to at least 13 deaths. As of this week, General Motors reached 66 recalls this year, which affected roughly 30 million vehicles. Several other auto makers are also racking up recalls, making 2014 the all-time biggest recall year on record.

Owens teaches his students what do when the gas pedal is stuck, the brakes go out and other emergency situations.

"There were some scenarios where the accelerator got stuck, the pedal, and the engine failed and he had us run through it,” said Maddison McKinney who is a senior in high school.

Instructors say that most adults don't even know what to do if the engine shuts off, brakes fail, or power steering goes out.

Owens says since the recalls, it’s not just kids that need some training, but everyone could use a little touch up.