Yoga doesn't just help with flexibility -- it can also make you perform better at work.

Debbie Stevens, owner of The Yoga Center in Roanoke, says yoga is known to enhance focus and reduce stress.

Camille Guillot, a participant in yoga, says yoga makes her feel less anxious throughout the day.

Guillot started doing yoga as a teenager. When she was in school, she noticed a change.

"It definitely made a difference in my ability to do schoolwork," says Guillot. "I'm really appreciative of what yoga's given me."

The Yoga Center is offering several free classes the week of Labor Day.

Certain poses and stretches can even be done at your desk:

- Open your arms up and inhale. Cross one arm over the other, and exhale. Repeat on the other side. This helps relieve tension in your shoulder blades.

- Tuck your chin into your chest, and place your hands on your head. Don't push the head, but instead apply a light amount of pressure. Hold for several seconds. This exercise is for neck muscles.

- Standing in front of a chair, put one leg on the chair. Twist your back. Repeat with the other leg, and twist in the opposite direction.