The pictures from Bosnia and surrounding areas are heartbreaking: towns underwater and people standing by unable to help.

Here in the Roanoke Valley, nearly three-thousand miles away, Tea Hadzic  - a Bosnian native feels just as powerless.

"It's very discouraging, it's very sad, it's frightening. Some of these families post-war they have still tried to build their life, or still rebuilding their lives, and now this terrible tragedy hits them once again," says Hadzic.

She and her family have lived in Roanoke for the last 15-years, but are originially from Doboj.
Her father is actually there right now -visiting family as this storm swept through the region.

Explains Hadzic, "We can't get into contact with anybody the water has risen like crazy. So basically three-months of rain had fallen in just three-days."

There is recent news the Hadzic family is ok and the water is going down.
But, the concern is still high.

"We're just really hoping to rebuild and not only help clean up the mess and rebuild the cities, but also rebuild that hope for the country."

To that end, the new Ekskluziv Salon at 123 Kirk Avenue in downtown Roanoke, is hosting a Flood Relief Fundraiser.

The event is happening Saturday, May 24th from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There will be a cut-a-thon, with 100-percent of the proceeds going to help people in Bosnia dealing with this disaster.