Roanoke's Mayor, David Bowers, just got hitched!

We just found out that Bowers and long-time girlfriend Margarita Cubas eloped last month.

Here's the story:

Bowers says he rarely has free time because of his job as mayor and a lawyer in town.

On October 1st Bowers realized he'd have the next afternoon free, so he called Cubas to ask if she had plans.

She said no, he asked her to marry him, they went on the internet to find a pastor who would officiate their ceremony, found one in Blacksburg and they got married just off the campus of Virginia Tech.

"I have nothing in my schedule, in my calendar for tomorrow afternoon and he says you want to marry me tomorrow?" Margarita Cubas said.

"We just talked about it, kept talking about it, and it just seemed to be the right time," Bowers added.