School is set to start for Rockbridge County students Tuesday.

But, as kids begin, the school system's chief is ending his tenure.

Superintendent John Reynolds is retiring at the end of this year.

Reynolds has been at the helm for the last 6-and-a-half years.

Before that, he was in the schools serving as principal at the old Lexington High School and then later at Rockbridge County High School.

"I've had 37-years in public education, almost all of that, with the exception of 5-years teaching, has been as administrator and so, I think it is certainly time," explains Reynolds, "Especially here in Rockbridge County, I think it's time for some new ideas and new eyes and new leadership."

The current Assistant Superintendent Jack Donald is set to take over for Reynolds starting in 2014.

Approximately 27-hundred students attend Rockbridge County schools.