Rocky Mount, Va. -

Police in Rocky Mount are breaking new ground by arming citizens to help catch bad guys, without carrying a gun.

It's a way of adding more eyes, without hiring more police.

"You know everybody has a phone with them and a camera with them," says Lt. D.C. Brabham, Rocky Mount Police Department.

Rocky Mount is now only the third police department in Virginia to use a phone app called MyPD. Anyone at anytime can send in a tip, take a picture of something suspicious and it's anonymous.

"Well that's the best part.  That way people can post what they see without having to worry about repercussions," says Kellie Gusler.?

"I think it's really important.   With a touch of the button you can just get a hold of police," says Hope McVey. ?

Almost instantly, the app allows you to send e-mails to a specific officer if you know who you are looking for. Police say it makes them more accessible.

"A lot of times you call down, don't know if the officer is working.  You may miss them on their shift. With this apo you can actually go on (it).  Everybody's photograph, every member of the department's photograph is on it," says Lt. Brabham.

Call it another modern day neighborhood watch. With any luck, not knowing who's watching will make this town a bit safer.

Norfolk and Chesapeake are the only other police departments in the state that use MyPD