David Feron is doing his second marathon...this week.

He's one of the approximately half dozen people doing the Blue Ridge Marathon for the fifth time.

He ran his first Boston Marathon on Monday and said the experience was great, "Those last six miles were like running through a stadium," he said. 

Feron says he does it for the challenge. Considering the Blue Ridge is billed as "America's Toughest Road Marathon", it's quite a challenge to undertake.

On the opposite end of the marathon running spectrum; Chris Phelan.  He's never done a marathon before.  He picked the toughest one in the country to for his first.

As for how Phelan is feeling? "Nervous, excited, uh, anxious and ready, ready to go," he said.

Phelan said he knew it was an ambitious goal, but he set it and he's going to do it, "I'm a fairly competitive person, I like to set goals and I like to follow through with them."

He also said he wants to set an example of staying active and healthy for his two young children,

"Going out and setting a goal and following through with that and having them watch us in that process kind of means a lot to us," Phelan said referring to him and his wife.

Race Director Pete Eshelman says he's excited for the race. Eshelman was happy to move the finish line from the Taubman Museum of Art to Elmwood Park.

Eshelman says this race is still evolving, but planning and logistics have certainly gotten easier with time,

"We have documents in place now, the first couple years it was like 'yeah, oh yeah, yeah, we should do that' and now we kind of know exactly what we need to do."

The race is slated to start at 7:30 Saturday morning.