What started out as a group of friends going for an evening run is quickly turning into new fad in Roanoke.

Meet the group called "We Run Roanoke." The name says it all.

Roanoke residents meet twice a week and run.

Organizer Sherman Lea Junior said he wanted a way to stay healthy while exploring the Star City. Turns out, other people were looking for the same thing.

Now, there's as many as 40 people joining in on the weekly runs.

The group chooses different locations every week. They started at Burlington Coat Factory off of Hershberger Road Thursday night and ran three miles.

Lea said the group has become a family.

“We try to make it fun,” said Sherman. “Running sometimes on treadmills or running in certain areas can be boring so we change it up every week. Today were running a brand new route and everyone is excited about it.”

Sherman said any and every one is welcome join in on the fun. People of all ages and athletic levels have been participating, according to Sherman.

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