Clifton Forge,Va. -

Saint Joseph's Catholic Church a milestone at its mass Sunday morning, it turned 125. The church has stood the test of time. Parishioners here took to the pews and many can recall its history.

“I was born in this church. I was raised here. I was baptize, made my first holy communion my conformation and I was married in this church,” said church member Libby Burger.

Libby Burger will be 70 in December. She says the church is home, even during the years she went away to school.

“It's awesome to know that we started as a little tiny church and it's grown and stayed in the community and been part of the community and here we are a 125. I plan to be here for a 150,” said Burger.

Also in attendance during Sunday's service was Richmond's Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo. Church clergy was honored to have him in this occasion.

“It's a great blessing. He has such a vast diocese to cover, it’s very much a blessing to have him come over and share with us to special occasion. And he's done wonder for diocese,” said Parochial Vicar, Thomas Collins.

Though the congregation is small, it still gives back to the community, and has operated a food pantry since the early 1980's. Through the church's existence, members say prayers are what have kept it a place of worship and hope.