SALEM, Va. -

The owner of Crott’s Garage in Salem said he will have to tear the building down and rebuild.

Last week's record high snowfall caused thousands of dollars worth of damage at the family owned business.

GW Crotts wasn't sure if he could repair the building or if he would have to replace it, but he said insurance adjusters and engineers said it is best to start over.

Right now, he's leasing a building along College Avenue in Salem until they can knock it down and rebuild.

He said it's been tough but they are making the business work.

"We're trying to get stuff done and trying to get the people's cars rolling through,” he said. “It's a little more to it than it used to be but we're just working a little harder at it then we're used to."

Crotts said the section of the building that was damaged was built by his grandfather in 1948. He said people in Salem are already asking to have a piece of the building and cinder blocks after they tear it down.