SALEM, Va. -

Jonathan and JoAnna Heaps are about to have a very full house.

JoAnna already has two older sons, but Jonathan wanted a biological child of his own.

After three years of trying to get pregnant, the couple decided to do in-vitro fertilization.  They got four babies. Two of them are identical twins.

Quadruplets are very rare, although not quite as rare with fertility treatments.

Maternity specialists say the largest risk with having multiples is premature births.

JoAnna is now 26 weeks along, and both she and the babies are doing great.

You can follow her pregnancy by checking out her Facebook page, Heaps of Love Quads.

JoAnna will also take part in a live web chat Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Click in the box below to join the chat. If you are on a mobile device or tablet and would like to join the chat, please click here: