There something a little different at this year's Salem Fair, the sun is out. And except for a few sprinkle the weather has been cooperating. Last year's rain caused several days of low attendance.

“Last year we had rain insurance on five nights of the 12 of the fair. So we had substantial last year. This year we had rain once or twice during the run nothing major,” said facility director. Carey Harveycutter.

Less rain and more sun, not only drew more people to the fair but it also meant people were spending a little more on food.

“I would say business has been up a little bit. People are coming out. They are supporting us a little bit,” said vendor Ken Harvell.

“When you get rain days, people don't come out. And you can really never make that up. People don't come out that and that day pass you bye,” said vendor Brian Gillette.

But that's not the case this year. People are out in full force, riding high on carnival.